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Prayer is powerful. One of the most, if not the most effective thing any Christian can do to change this world for the better is to pray. We are in a spiritual battle and we fight this battle primarily through prayer. The scripture clearly shows that Jesus considered personal prayer to be essential; we should too.

The Pray Through app is designed to help you have effective prayer times. It will help you PRAY THROUGH a comprehensive prayer list by breaking it up into manageable prayer times. Over time, you will have prayed through the entire list in an efficient manner.

Whether you pray once a day or once a week, this prayer list app can help you manage your prayer list by reminding you what to pray for and when to pray for it. Pray Through allows you to pray for the most important things more frequently but it makes sure that none of your prayer requests are overlooked.

With Pray Through, you can specify how often you want to pray for a prayer request. For example, you can specify that a request be prayed for daily, weekly or even monthly. Pray Through will remind you when it is time to pray for the request. And it will remember whether or not you have prayed for the request and continue to remind you until you have prayed for it. So if you miss a day or even a week, Pray Through will keep track of what you need to pray for so that no request is left out. Also, if you are running short on time some days and do not complete the full list, that’s okay too. Pray Through will remember what you have and have not prayed for and adjust accordingly.

Pray Through comes with a preinstalled list of example requests. You can use this list as is, modify it in any way that suits you or delete it altogether and add your own requests. The example prayer list is based on the Lord’s Prayer (the Model Prayer) from Matthew 6:9-13 where Jesus taught His disciples to pray.

Pray Screen

When it is time to pray, the prayer app calculates a prayer list for that day. As you pray for each request, it is taken off the list and the app remembers that you have prayed for it. A new list is calculated for each calendar day (it resets at 12:00 A.M.).

Tapping the Pray tab takes you to the Pray screen. This is the list of requests you will pray for today. You may pray through the list from top to bottom or skip around by tapping the request you want to pray for next.

After you have prayed for the current request, you can tap the Prayed button. This will tell Pray Through that you have prayed for this request so that it will be removed from today’s list.

If for some reason you want to skip the current request but continue praying for other things, you can tap the Skip button. This will take it off today’s list but it will not mark it as prayed. Doing this lets Pray Through know that you want to include this request on the list the next time you pray. This request will be on the list each day until you tap the Prayed button.

If you accidently tap the wrong button or you just want to see what you prayed for last, you can tap the Undo button. This will take the last request that you prayed for or skipped and put it back on today’s prayer list.

If you want to restore the prayer list like it was at the beginning of the day, you can tap the Restore button. This will take all the requests that you have prayed for or skipped and put them back on today’s prayer list.

Manage List Screen

Tapping the Manage tab and then the Manage List menu option takes you to the Manage List screen. This screen allows you to examine your current prayer list as well as edit or delete requests. Sliding the request to left will reveal the Edit and Delete buttons. Each request is listed and followed by an indication of the Repeat and Day values in parentheses (setting the Repeat and Day values is described later). The possible values for Repeat and Day are shown in the following table:

EODEvery Other Day1 - 2
E4DEvery Fourth Day1 - 4
WWeeklySu - Sa
EOWEvery Other Week1Su - 2Sa
MMonthly1 - 28

Days of the week are displayed using the first two letters of the day (for example “Su” for Sunday). Requests that are prayed for Every Other Week also have a number (1 or 2) to indicate whether the day is in the first or the second week.

Edit List Screen

The Edit List screen allows you to add, edit, delete and reorder requests. Navigate to this screen by tapping the Edit button in the upper right corner of the Manage List screen.

To add a new request, tap the Add button in the upper right corner. This will take you to the Add/Edit Request screen. Requests are always added to the top of the list. After the request is added, it can be moved to a different location by reordering it (as described later).

To edit an existing request, tap the request that you want to edit. This will take you to the Add/Edit Request screen.

To delete a request, tap the delete icon located just to the left of the request.

To reorder a request, tap and hold the bars to the right of the request. Drag the request to the desired location and drop it. If the request needs to be moved to a location that is not currently showing on the screen, you will have to drag it as far as you can and drop it in a temporary location. Then scroll the screen and drag it again until you reach the desired location.

Add/Edit Request Screen

The Add/Edit Request screen allows you to add a new request to the request list or edit an existing request. After the fields have been entered, tapping the Save button will add the new request or modify the existing request.

Tapping the Cancel button will discard the changes that have been made. Nothing will be added or modified.

The Request Name field specifies the name of the request.

The Notes field allows you to add specific notes or scriptures for this request. The notes field is displayed on the Pray screen when the request is the current request to be prayed for.

The Repeat field specifies how frequently you want to pray for this request. If you specify None the request will appear on the Pray screen the next time you pray. After it has been prayed for once, it will no longer be selected to be on the Pray screen. The request will still be on the prayer list and can be modified later, but it will no longer be selected to be on the Pray screen.

The Repeat and Day fields work together and you will be given different options for Day depending on what you select for Repeat. The Day field allows you to specify when you want to pray for this request and it also allows you to group requests together that you want to pray for on the same day. For example, if you want to pray for two weekly requests at the same time, you can specify the same day of the week for those requests and they will both appear on that day.

If you are not sure what to specify for the Day field, choosing Auto will allow Pray Through to set the day. If you specify Auto, Pray Through will attempt to pick a day that is not used by other requests so that the requests will be spread out and not grouped together on the same day.

Example Requests Screen

Tapping the Manage tab and then the Example Prayer Requests menu option takes you to the Example Requests screen.

The app comes preloaded with a set of example prayer requests. If you prefer to delete these requests and add your own, you can do so by tapping the Remove Example Requests button. Removing example requests will not delete requests that you have added manually nor will it delete example requests that you have modified.

If you have deleted the example requests, you can choose to add them again by tapping the Add Example Requests button. This will not delete any requests but will simply add the example requests to the beginning of the current list. You may want to reorder the list after the example requests have been added.

Quick Add

If you want to add a request very quickly without navigating through the Manage tab, you can tap the Add button on the Home screen. This will allow you to add a request quickly and then go back later and edit or reorder it from the Edit List screen.

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